About Innocity

Innocity is an initiative by CIIE and Startup Oasis and is a highly customized startup incubation platform. Innocity enables professionals, mentors, startup founders, angels and other startup service providers to offer customized, specific and relevant services and support to startups – which as available as standalone modules. Entrepreneurs can book modules online but the modules will be scheduled as in-person workshops, meetings, events and mixers. Innocity therefore is not an ‘online’ incubation platform but enables entrepreneurs to take in-person workshops and courses.

Here’s what’s new In Innocity:

Modules, not programs
An entrepreneur needs several things to build a great startup. Academic learning, advice from experts, individual consulting support, tools to build a great product, practice sessions for delivering that killer pitch and a network of like minded people. And it all comes together uniquely for each entrepreneur. Innocity offers all this to an aspiring entrepreneur, but not in a program format but as individual modules.

A common gripe from the startup community is that programs like accelerators are highly curated. While there is a good reason for curating the cohort, there is a strong need to build capacities of a large number of entrepreneurs before selecting the top 10. Innocity plans to build capacities of over 200 entrepreneurs across the state before selecting the top startups. A marathon of workshops, mentor meetings, mixers, talks and consulting engagements – scheduled on every Saturday from June to December – offer a chance to several entrepreneurs to build amazing startups.

Multiple Experts, not just CIIE and Startup Oasis
Each incubator, expert or community organization, is uniquely positioned to offer deep support to startups. A design incubator is great at offering prototyping support and product design know – how, whereas, a community organisation knows how to sustain a community of like minded people. Innocity plans to harness the strengths of every willing expert and channel it to the right entrepreneurs.Think aggregation.

Long Runway + Multiple opportunities to participate
Not every entrepreneur is ready incubators are. Many miss the application deadline by a whisker. And then they have to wait for the next cycle. Shouldn’t this change? We think so too. Entrepreneurs can apply to Innocity anytime and begin attending – there’s no start or end date. There is enough room to learn, pivot and prepare. In addition to modules, Innocity will host several campaigns with partners that entrepreneurs can apply to. Here, they can participate to raise funds, meet customers or even co-founders.

IIM Ahmedabad’s Centre for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into viable businesses. In partnership with our mentors, corporates, development agencies, IIMA community and investors, CIIE cultivates a rare breed of entrepreneurs by incubating, accelerating, mentoring and funding innovative start-ups.

Established as a joint initiative of RIICO, Rajasthan’s premiere industrial promotion organization, and CIIE, India’s leading innovation and incubation centre, Startup Oasis is a Jaipur based incubation centre. RIICO and CIIE channelized their joint expertise and entrepreneurial energies to cultivate creativity and innovations and thus support startups to solve problems and develop innovation.