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So is Innocity an Accelerator, a startup event or a workshop?
Innocity is an on-demand and a highly customized startup support platform. Innocity enables you to get customized guidance, support and services from relevant professionals, mentors, startup founders, angels and other startup service providers from your city. Beginning June 24th, Innocity brings to you a marathon of startup workshops, mixers, events, demo days and meetups every weekend! You choose what you need to attend. You choose whom you would like to meet. Most importantly, you choose when you would like to do all of this. We know that you want to be the boss – we’re here to get you there much quicker.
Great! How much do I pay for all these modules?
We understand that entrepreneurs often bootstrap in early days and are frugal with their resources. To deliver maximum benefit to you, we have designed the following pricing models that are easy on your pocket and heavy on the output!

Monthly Subscription: Pay INR 1,250/- per month (for a team of two) and get unlimited access to all modules on Innocity for that month. (In order to continue accessing Innocity, you will have to renew your subscription each month.)

Six Month Subscription: You can save Rs. 2,500 if you opt for a six month subscription instead of a monthly pack. Pay only INR 5000/- (team of two) and get unlimited access to all modules on Innocity for the entire 6 months. For every additional team member, inquire with us directly.

Pay-per-module: If you are not sure that Innocity has something for you, you have the option of booking one module at a time, before you take the subscription!

  • Academy Module: INR 600/-
  • Ask-The-Expert: INR 825/-
  • Sprints: INR 2,000/-
If I am paying, why do I need to submit an application form?
Innocity is not like your usual B-plan competition or accelerator where you fill in a long application and we only select a few entrepreneurs – it is open to all! However, we do ask you to apply so that our startup coaches understand your needs and can make sure that you have access to the right set of modules.
Great – I have applied. Now what?
Thanks! We need about a week to review your application and create your login. Look out for an email from us (info@innocity.in). Once you have your login, you can access a bunch of modules on Innocity & choose and book the ones that you like the most.
Innocity looks exciting! What if I want to attend more than one module? Do I need to pay-per-module every time?
Yes. However, there’s a simpler way. You can get a 6-months membership in one go. This membership allows you to access all Innocity modules for a period of six months. You can attend as many modules as you need, to build a great startup. Just don’t forget to RSVP when you wish to attend a module.
What kind of entrepreneurs will attend Innocity?
Innocity will have entrepreneurs from different stages:

  • At idea stage where entrepreneurs have an idea and need to do something about it
  • At product stage where entrepreneurs have begun with their startups and have early validation but may not be yet ready to pitch for seed funds
  • At growth stage where entrepreneurs are more or less funding ready but need some help with very specific topics and issues
What is a startup coach? Sounds like a fancy name for a mentor.
A startup coach is not a mentor. Innocity’s startup coaches will take a look at your application, your goals and targets, and ensure that you attend the right modules. If you are doing everything right, our startup coaches may not even call you. However, wherever you are stuck, or unsure of which modules you should attend, they can offer some help. Startup coaches also offer consulting support to select entrepreneurs that are at an advanced stage.

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